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"Alabama Not to Compete Covenants and Their Enforceability"
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To be enforceable under Alabama law, a covenant not to compete must fit within one of the exceptions listed in Alabama Code Section 8-1-1(b) or (c). In addition to falling within one of the exceptions contained in Alabama Code 8-1-1(b) and (c), a party seeking to enforce a non-compete provision must also demonstrate that four common law requirements are met: (a) the employer has a protectible interest, (b) the non-compete provision is designed to safeguard that protectible interest, (c) the restriction is reasonable as to time and place, and (d) enforcing the restriction does not cause undue hardship on the defendant.

In this course you will review all of these complex intertwined issues and learn about enforceability of covenants not to compete in Alabama.

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